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About ICAN

ICAN, formerly known as Kids Oneida, founded in 1997, is an innovative, community-based provider that facilitates individual and family-driven services to restore social, emotional, behavioral health and well being to keep families together. Using the wraparound philosophy towards treatment, Kids Oneida works as a team to provide individualized treatment and services. We currently provide support to over 1,100 individuals and families in 16 programs each day in over six counties. We have recently rebranded to ICAN, Integrated Community Alternatives Network, to better communicate the breadth and depth of services we provide to our diverse clientele prenatally through end of life.

Our Top 3 Contributors
  1. Michael Roser — $280.00
  2. Mike Bulger — $100.00
  3. Jolie Murray — $100.00
Our Charity Bib Mission

What our charity will do with the donations raised through the Boilermaker Charity Bib Program:

We have 5 amazing individuals running for ICAN this year to support our newest program, Project HOME (Housing Opportunities to Motivate and Empower). We hope you will consider sponsoring them in their journey to support this incredible program. The primary goals of the Project HOME rapid re-housing program are to enable homeless, transitional age youth (18-24) to obtain and remain in safe and affordable permanent housing, increase their skills and/or income, and achieve greater self-determination and independence. All of the youth we serve in this program are coming from the streets or an emergency shelter. Although we connect them with permanent housing, most of them move into their new homes with only the clothes on their backs. Unfortunately, our funding currently does not allow for the purchase of household items or clothing. All Charity Bib donations will go to cover the cost of the following transition items: mattresses, furniture, clothing, household supplies, cleaning supplies, food, and hygiene supplies. Transitional-age youth often find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons: fleeing conflict, abuse and neglect at home; poverty; exiting the child welfare, criminal justice, or mental health systems. These experiences have a profound effect on their social-emotional development and contribute to insufficient independent living skills and financial resources they need to be successful on their own. Through the Project HOME program, youth will be offered service coordination and supportive services that contribute to housing stability, promote permanent connections, link to education and employment, and promote physical and emotional well-being. Service coordination will include: assisting participants with obtaining and moving into permanent housing, supporting participants with stabilizing housing, and connecting participants to community and mainstream services and supports. Project HOME services are always client-driven, flexible in intensity, strengths-based, and focused on housing retention.