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About David's Refuge

Parenting can be a difficult journey under any circumstances, but it’s especially challenging for those who provide full-time care to children with special needs. These parents rest, reflect and renew with David’s Refuge, where respite and community reminds them that they are not alone, the care they give matters and they are loved by God and this community. Complimentary weekend retreats empower couples with self-care skills that build stronger relationships, families and communities. Volunteer hosts bring these parents closer to the caregiver community, sharing a common bond and offering critical support. The experience continues with ongoing guidance and special events that engage families and the public.

Our Top 3 Contributors
  1. Kate Houck — $1309.00
  2. Brandi Andrews — $1006.00
  3. Mike Miller — $951.00
Our Charity Bib Mission

What our charity will do with the donations raised through the Boilermaker Charity Bib Program:

Charity Bib Runners know that healthy and rested parents raise children who reach their fullest potential. Through their sweat equity, these runners will provide a speaker series and weekly self care reminders to hundreds of parents. Each Thursday, parents will receive a finish line tip, intended to push them through the last two days of the week before reaching the weekend. Our runners know how how much drive and dedication is needed to cross the finish line. They love and appreciate a cheering section and water along the way, which is why they choose to pay that gift forward - By finishing their race, they are giving parents of kids with special needs the tools to keep running theirs!