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About Abraham House

Our mission at Abraham House is to provide our terminally ill guests and their families a safe and loving home with all the support needed for dignified, end of life care free of any financial burdens. Our Boilermaker Connection: The Boilermaker’s mission to center on inspiring healthy living should not discount the value of the concept of healthy dying. Since dying is an inevitable part of life that each of us faces, we can shift our thinking from the normal negativity surrounding death and try to reframe the process into something healthier and inspirational. This includes the responsibility to optimize the quality of life even when the cures or treatments of modern medicine have been exhausted. It also shifts the focus onto the importance of acknowledging the value of relationships above all else. Therefore, the quality of end of life experiences can shape a healthier respect for the process, an acceptance of the prognosis, and a conscious focus on presence in order to make every minute as significant as it can be.

Our Top 3 Contributors
  1. Melissa Camman — $685.00
  2. Marcus Zwierecki — $625.00
  3. Sheila Vellone — $595.00
Our Charity Bib Mission

What our charity will do with the donations raised through the Boilermaker Charity Bib Program:

The charity funds will be spent on a variety of “healthier dying” initiatives. This will include things like indulging our terminally ill guests with their favorite foods and honoring their special requests, providing them with therapeutic massage, purchasing a bouquet of fresh flowers, hiring a barbershop quartet to sing on Valentine’s day…anything that can be spent towards improving the quality of life for someone during their final days. In addition, the money will be used to provide support to our families. This could include giving a gas card to those traveling from out of town, ordering pizza when there is a houseful of visitors, buying coffee supplies, games, adult coloring books, etc. It could also be used towards things like assisting families who may need a notary’s services for power of attorney forms, providing bereavement resources to help them deal with grief, etc.