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2019 Boilermaker Charity Bib Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Boilermaker Charity Bib Partner! This year our Charity Bib partners will have the opportunity it recruit and register runners BEFORE Boilermaker registration opens to the public!

A few things to keep in mind: the Boilermaker’s mission is centered on inspiring healthy living! We are thinking outside the box on how to encourage our community to grow healthier and happier. We want you to think outside the box too! Just so you know, as optimistic as our Partners have been over the last few years, they have learned (as we have too) that Charity Bib is not a guaranteed homerun. These bibs can be hard to fill and the money is not always easily raised. The responsibility to be successful is upon you and your organization. However, we will be here to help and guide you!

Lastly, all decisions in selection of Charity Bib Partners are determined by an independent committee and are final.

Please complete the form by February 8, 2019. Only submissions received by this deadline will be considered.

Good luck!

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If there are additional individuals that will be helping to manage your charity bib program please list their information as well so we can include them in communication.