Boilermaker Charity Bib Program

Boilermaker Charity Bib Program: RUNNERS GET READY! Here's YOUR chance to GET IN THE RACE of your choice, and help make a difference!

Charity Bib Details


  • Raise a minimum of $500 for a participating charity.
  • You will be awarded one of the charity's available bibs.
  • Use your bib in the event of your choice: 15k or 5k races, or the 3 mile walk.
  • Donate by: June 29th, 2018


  • Make a donation to support the runner or charity of your choice!

Prizes for top three pledge-gathers

  • 1st prize — Gift Basket worth $300
    Plus $500 grant to the charity the runner
    is running for.
  • 2nd prize — Gift basket worth $200
    Plus $250 grant to the charity the runner
    is running for.
  • 3rd prize — Gift basket worth $100
    Plus $100 grant to the charity the runner
    is running for.

*Every Charity Bib Runner who raises a minimum of $1,000 will be invited to a Celebration Party (to be held a few weeks after the race).

About the program

The Boilermaker Road Race is now offering a charity bib program to support local non-profits. The Boilermaker has set aside 200 bibs for organizations to use to entice participants to raise pledges.

The bibs can be utilized for the 15k, 5k races, and the 3 mile walk. Participants must commit to raise a minimum of $500 for the selected non-profits. The bibs will be provided to the charity of choice at no cost.

"We saw this as a wonderful opportunity to use the power of the Boilermaker to positive chance in our community" said Tim Reed, president of the Boilermaker. "We have seen the great results of programs like this throughout the country."

Organizations selected will be in charge of the administration of the program including the collection of pledge money. In addition, they must have a physical presence in Central New York and align with the mission of the Boilermaker. A maximum of 50 bibs will be available to qualifying charities.

If registrants are participating in the 15k race they must finish in two and a half hours.

2018 Participating Charities

Each charity has a goal and mission for how your donations made through the Boilermaker Bib Charity Program will help the local community.

Click on a charity below: